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ATHLETES' VOICE 2022 Everyone has a special story

The 2022 season will be held amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has become a part of everyday life. FWJ is planning 25 competitions this year without slowing down. However, it goes without saying that the main characters of the competition and the leading role in the fitness scene are the athletes who grace the stage.

This is a feature on "Voices of the Athletes" featuring four people who are both athletes and attractive people who happen to have ties to the Kansai region. We hope that by experiencing this, like a FW-style West Side Story, you will have the opportunity to reexamine your own view of fitness.

Special Feature: Comprehensive Review of Olympia 2021

If your daily training goal is to win a contest, you will need to understand the judging criteria. This time, Hidemasa Yamagishi, who attended Mr. Olympia 2021 in person, will explain the judging criteria and the latest trends for the men's category.

Special feature: FWJ certified instructor! Basic posing course for men's physique

Men's Physique is judged on two poses, front and back, so it is easier for the body to show its natural form compared to other categories that have free poses. That's why posing techniques that can make the slightest difference are important. Let's start with a basic course that picks up the methods of FWJ certified instructors.

[Other contents]

  • 2021 Overall Champions' 2022 Plans
  • Chairman x Certified Posing Instructor 2022 Opening Talk: Manami Fujino x Ken Adachi x Yuri Ikeda - The value and expectations of "APF Certified"
  • APF Certified Posing Instructor Directory 2022
  • We asked a former Mr. India! The state of bodybuilding in India, the "developing fitness nation"


This time too, there is a ton of fun and useful information!