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Special Feature [Roundtable Discussion] IFBB PROs: Why they chose this path

Hidemasa Yamagishi, Iris Kyle, Naoto Takemoto, Junpei Taguchi, Kodai Yuasa, Shogo Sato, Edward Kato, and Ryo Terashima. Five Japanese physique pros surrounding the legend, and Ryo Terashima who has announced his participation in FWJ. Despite competing for the top spot in the organization where they built their careers and reaching the top, they still chose to become IFBB PROs. They will talk in detail about why they chose to become IFBB PROs.

Special Feature [Survey] Fitness Trends Picture Book

We are conducting a trainee survey for the first time in two years since FITNESS WORLD Vol.8! We will introduce the changes in FW readers and FWJ players that have become evident through regular observation, as well as "everyone's likes" and "my obsessions" regarding essential training items!

Special feature [Course] Basic Posing Course Bikini Edition

Following on from the Men's Physique edition in the previous issue, Vol. 15, this issue is a big reveal of the Bikini edition! In the Bikini category, posing to best show off the trends in "evaluable bodies" based on the standards of Olympia judges is important. We asked Sally Sasaki, a trainer and FWJ certified posing instructor, about the key points to making 100% appealing in the two poses, front and back.

[Other contents]

  • The return of the serious training battle: Hidemasa Yamagishi vs Ryo Terashima "Chest Training"
  • JAPAN PRO 2021 Bikini TOP3 Talk with Nozawa SHOW
  • Contest Review 2022
  • EVOLGEAR A professional training environment in your home
  • Indian Beauty Life


This time too, there is a ton of fun and useful information!

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