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Performance Pin (2-piece set)

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Performance Pin
Caliber 5/16 (approx. 8mm)
A revolutionary product that allows for drop sets without the need to insert or remove pins !
I continued training with the pin in, and when I couldn't lift any more, I put down the weight stack.
Once you slowly lower it all the way down, the pin will fall out due to the spring force, and the weight will drop.
This is the perfect product for those who want to push themselves hard through training alone .

If you push it back too hard, it may break.
When returning it, please do so slowly.
Please be sure to read and agree to the attached precautions before using.

Click here for a detailed product explanation video
how to use

*Since this product is purchased overseas, it does not come with a manufacturer's warranty in the event of a malfunction.

Performance Pin (2-piece set)
Performance Pin (2-piece set) Sale price¥7,150